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Cemetery of the Innocents Project

Dayton Right to Life’s Cemetery of the Innocents Project has been done in past years by St. Luke and Ascension Parishes. The Church of the Ascension has had the display for several years during Respect Life month on their property on Woodman Drive.

In the fall of 2016, Dayton Right to Life joined their efforts in expanding and promoting this educational display to other locations. It will continue to be displayed at Ascension Church each October.

The purpose of this display is to encourage and educate the community to pray for the victims of abortions. The crosses represent the sheer numbers, and signs encourage prayer for the parents, grandparents, the innocent children themselves, and many others affected by these tragic “choices.”

Since Roe vs. Wade over 60 million* lives have been lost to abortion and many others scarred for life. Pray for ALL the victims of abortion. For more information on this project, contact Dave Hoenie at

*60 million does not include chemical abortions and states like California who do not report their numbers to the CDC.

If you or someone you know has been affected by an abortion, post-abortion healing is available.  Contact Project Rachel for more information:

Cincinnati Project Rachel Hotline:  513.784.0531

National Project Rachel Hotline:  1-888-456-Hope

st marys cemetary of innocents

Thank you to our volunteers who helped us set up this educational display!