Catholic Social Services

Catholic Social Services operates three centers in Dayton and one in Sidney. Our services include pregnancy counseling and a variety of programs to strengthen parenting skills, and prevent and treat behavioral problems in children. Confidential pregnancy counseling is available at offices in Dayton, Piqua, or Sidney or we can meet you at a location of your choice. Counselors will even visit you in your home.

For an appointment or just to talk, call:
937-223-7217 or 1-800-300-2937
Counselors are available 24 hours/7 days a week.
Email us at


Adoption Resources

Adoption Link

Adoption Link is a licensed adoption agency in the State of Ohio dedicated to working with birthparents and adoptive families throughout the lifespan of the adoption. We serve all of Ohio, including the Miami Valley. We provide education and guidance to pregnant women and teens and to those individuals or families interested in adoption. We work to link adoptive families to birthparents seeking adoption and provide the ongoing network of support that is so crucial to the success of health adoptive families. Our birthparent services include expenses paid, food, clothing, and more.

512 Dayton Street
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
10 minutes from Springfield
15 minutes from Dayton
Phone: 937-767-2466
Birthparent line: 1-800-643-3356